New Brake Caliper Concept


Through many years SBS Automotive A/S has been among the market leaders on sales and development of brake calipers to the independent aftermarket in Europe. With our new concept we offer a unique opportunity on brake calipers.


No surcharge on calipers has been known in the marketplace for quite a while - but only on a limited range of references. With the new concept, SBS Automotive is offering 1.000 references without surcharge, and with more than 88% market coverage.

Your Benefits

For the wholesalers there are several benefits with this new concept – both in terms of economy and handling/logistics.

Economical benefits:
The wholesaler has the possibility to reduce the stock balance of surcharges significantly – this can be of high importance as the cost of surcharge per caliper typically is €20 - €25. The same amount is listed as stock value per caliper on stock.

  • With i.e. 1.000 calipers in stock the surcharge balance is between € 20.000 to € 25.000. This balance can be almost eliminated with the new concept from SBS Automotive.
  • Less value loss on surcharge as not all returns are being accepted and credited by the supplier.
  • 90% less cores will be equal to cost savings due to less need of manpower in the warehouse and less administrative work with credit notes in the office.

Logistics benefits:
No need to collect and return old cores to the suppliers in the same amount as before. The hassle doing this, can be limited to only approximately 10%. The benefits of this will be:

  • Limited number of credit notes to customers
  • Limited core returns to suppliers
  • Less resources needed on stocks

“All in all, there are a lot of benefits if you decide to pursue this unique opportunity with SBS Automotive”, says SBS Automotive CSO, Lars From.

Product quality

As already mentioned, SBS Automotive is a leading player in the automotive aftermarket on brake calipers and we do not compromise on quality. Despite the fact that we offer a new solution with no surcharge on the majority of the market volume, we do not compromise on quality.
We still offer:

  • 5 Year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.
  • Manufactured standards according to IATF 16949.
  • OE matching quality and full traceability.
Product range

The range covers all the different product types within calipers and in both alloy and steel versions:

  • Fixed caliper design
  • Floating caliper design
  • Calipers with guide pin design
  • Calipers with integrated parking brake
  • Calipers with electronic parking brake

SBS Automotive has been a renowned supplier of product data to TecAlliance (A supplier for more than 20 years), and the entire range of calipers is listed on TecAlliance. Cross references available upon request as well.

The concept is available in NK and upon request we are also able to deliver according to customer demands in private label brands.

Full range of calipers available from February 2020. Please contact us for more information about our concept on or call us on one of the telephone numbers below.